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The new AE-1500-LV Series with built-in ORingFET



When design-in the power supplies into a system, it’s very often to receive tech. inquiries from the customer asking questions such as:

To save your time, Cotek recently launched AE-1500-LV Series with built-in ORing FET.  Engineer no longer need to invest the time to select the suitable ORing for installation.


Same as the existing range, the new AE-1500-LV ORing FET allows user to set DC output voltage or current from 0~105% via analog or digital control interfaces.  To ensure smooth design-in transition, we design the new version in the same form factor with exact same pin definition to avoid long verification process.  The new version already have safety approvals compliant to the latest standard, IEC/EN62368-1.



Moreover, AE can be configured in parallel with full current sharing providing a flexible, high-density and cost-effective building block for developing high power systems up to 10.8KW, with DC output voltage support up to 60VDC.