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Gemini SC-3000 High Frequency Pure Sine Wave Bi-directional inverter charger


COTEK, a leading manufacturer of DC/AC power inverters and AC/DC Switching power mode supply,
is pleased to announce the arrival of the new Gemini SC-3000. This new inverter charger can provide an
all-in-one power solution.


The compact and lightweight Gemini SC-3000 inverter charger uses a Bi-directional All-in-One
Design that packs a host of features such as:

With the max charging current (12V, 150A), it can support high capacity batteries and shorten
the charging time such as Lithium. Also thanks to the innovative 3 stage charging process,
the batteries can perform better and lasted longer. GEMINI SC3000 supports the AGM,
GEL and FLOODED and LITHIUM batteries due to its adjustable charging voltage in each stage.

For the safety and EMC, Gemini SC-3000 is certified by various international standards including
UL458 Vehicle, E-Mark, CE, and meets FCC Class A. For the social responsibility and the environmental protection,
COTEK product qualified by ISO, RoHS, RACH and CMRT

Gemini SC-3000 is a robust and innovative bi-directional power inverter charger that helps the user/engineer/installer
reduce headaches from the complicated cabling for multiple power conversion products.
Check how the Gemini can boost your power system.